Hosted By: Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts
2/20/2018 - 2/21/2018

Get your deerstalker cap on — the play’s afoot! Comedic genius Ken Ludwig transforms Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny adventure. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being murdered one by one, and the renowned sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, along with his trusted sidekick, Dr. Watson, must work feverishly to crack the curse before it dooms the newest heir. Witness five talented actors playing 40 quirky characters, and venture deep into a world filled with disguises, silly accents and murderous deceit.


For those who might be somewhat suspicious of putting a twist on the classic tale, be assured all the pieces of the classic Conan Doyle are there: an untimely demise, suspicious folk, barking dogs, ex-cons, stolen clothing, a mysterious cane, family secrets, and chases through treacherous Devonshire moors, crowded railway stations, foggy London streets and gloomy baronial mansions. But Ludwig has taken a fresh look at the story, discarding the darker side and highlighting the comedic episodes.

“Comedy is becoming too dependent on literal sets and specific costumes. It feels to me that it needs some air. My hope is that the play will speak to the raw, creative joy of being in a live theatre and telling a compelling story in a wildly new way.”

So bring along your magnifying glass and join in the adventure and see if you can work out whodunit!


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