Hosted By: Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts
2/5/2018 - 2/6/2018

Created in early 2017, Rhythmatic is a brand new tap company founded by 25 year-old Nick Young (So You Think You Can Dance). Despite still being in its nascent stages, the group and Young himself have found great success in a short amount of time. Before the group was officially formed, Nick’s self-produced tap video to The Beatles’ Come Together went viral, earning over 7 million views. It caught the attention of the producers of NBC’s new hit TV show World of Dance. In accepting an invitation to audition for the show’s first season, Rhythmatic was officially born.

Despite being eliminated in the show’s second round - the duels - it was apparent that Young and his dancers had made an impression. Since then, they have performed many times in Los Angeles, including at the renowned dance festival Dance Excellence, and as an opening act for LA-based contemporary company, and fellow World of Dance participant, Royal Flux. Most recently, Rhythmatic was awarded 2nd Runner Up at the 2017 Capezio ACE Awards for choreographic excellence, granting them a production budget toward their own show next summer at America’s biggest dance festival, DancerPalooza.

Rhythmatic is not your average tap company. They seek to do more than simply entertain, they look to create an emotional experience largely thought to be limited in the art of tap. If Rhythmatic’s first year in existence is any indication, this company has a bright and innovative future ahead of it.


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